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Thoughtful Features

Why should you use All-in-One Video Gallery?

Unlimited Categories

Organize your videos across infinite categories and subcategories.

HTML5 Video Player

Uses MediaElement.js, the same video player library used by WordPress.

Video Formats & Sources

MP4, WebM, OGV, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook & Many Others.

Video Subtitles

Subtitle your videos the way you want. Use either a WebVTT or SRT input file.

Custom Logo & Branding

Increase branding awareness by adding your company logo as a watermark on your videos.

GDPR Consent

Show GDPR Consent on embedded YouTube/Vimeo videos.

Commenting & Socialshare

Enable WordPress comments, add social share buttons on the single video page.

Visual Builder

Stop worrying about shortcodes. Comes with a beautiful visual gallery builder.

Easy to use Widgets

Decorate your website sidebar with our widgets.

Premium Features

VAST/VPAID, Videos Sliders, Popup Gallery and lot more.

Plans & Pricing

Unlimited Categories
Unlimited Videos
HTML5 Video Player
- MP4 | WebM | OGV
- YouTube
- Vimeo
- Dailymotion
- Facebook
- Iframe Embed Code (Any Third-party Video Services)
- Classic
- Popup
- Slider
- Gutenberg Blocks
- Shortcode Builder
- Sidebar Widgets (Search, Categories List, Video Gallery, Video Player)
- 100+ Settings
- Custom Logo & Branding
- Video Subtitles
- Comments
- Social Sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin & Pinterest)
- GDPR Consent
SUPPORT (MON - SAT) Minimum 48 Hrs Less than 24 Hrs Less than 12 Hrs


  • The customer service and support I received regarding a recent issue was taken care of within 8 hours (rare). The support was professional, courteous and took my issue seriously.
  • Very successful in terms of design and functionality. Congratulations!!!
  • This is an awesome plugin to create a video library on your WordPress site. It’s simple to setup and use as an organized display of videos directly into your WP site for your audience to view, comment and share.
  • Superb plugin. Seamlessly works! Great looking, easy to organize, simple to implement!
  • This video plugin is my choice after trying several, it has all the features I was looking for and the support can’t be beaten as it is fast and easy for a beginner like myself.
  • Every time I have contacted support has been there for me. Love the plugin. You cant do any better than this.!
  • This is an amazing plugin, smooth and easy to work with. The support is just as good.
  • Light but powerful plugin, easy learning curve and remarkable support. A delightful experience. Thank you Team Plugins360.
  • The plugin is very functional and easy to use, but on top of that there’s best support ever — I got a custom code for my specific needs in several hours. Thank you!
Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the All-in-One Video Gallery Plugin

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use All-in-One Video Gallery?

Any WordPress website those add video content can use All-in-One Video Gallery Plugin.

All-in-One Video Gallery is suitable for all kind of websites those add single video only or require a large video sharing concepts like Youtube, Vimeo, etc...

Is the plugin FREE?

Yes, the plugin is FREE and will always be FREE. This is a premium version that adds additional functionalities to the main plugin.

Does upgrading to the PREMIUM version delete my existing videos and configuration?

No worries. Upgrading to the premium version does not delete your existing data. Your videos and plugin configuration will stay safe.

What's required to use All-in-One Video Gallery?

  • WordPress 4.4.0 or higher
  • PHP 5.3 or higher

Do I need to have coding skills to use the plugin?

Absolutely not. You can create and customize video galleries without any coding knowledge. We made it extremely user friendly, so you can build and showcase your videos without hiring a developer.

Is the plugin available in my language?

This is a brand new plugin and currently available only in English. But, the plugin is translation ready and you can translate to your language easy.

Still have questions? No worries. Contact us here, we’re happy to help.